Where is the Football Academy located?

We’re located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, after the Arabian Ranches. Right next to us is the ICC Academy.

For more information, please see our Location Map, or give us a call on +971 4 448 1555. You can also email us at football@dsc.ae

Where can I register for tournaments?

Prior to the commencement of a new tournament, announcements will be made via our website and social media channels. Announcements will also be posted on the notice boards in our academies.

Ahead of the new tournament, registration forms will be available online for download. These can be printed off at home and then submitted in person at the Football Academy.

Alternatively, physical copies of these forms can be picked up from the Academy.

Please note however that all tournament registrations are subject to a first-come, first-served basis. Submission of a registration form at the Academy does not deliver guarantee of a place at a tournament.

How can I pay for these?

You can pay in person at the Football Academy reception at Dubai Sports City. We accept both cash and credit cards.

Are there refunds if I choose to remove myself from the programmes here?

Of course! We do offer refunds in case you’re unable to continue here due to injury, illness or relocation.

However, refunds are treated on a case-by-case basis and are normally dealt with by the administrative and coaching staff, based on the number of matches your team has signed up for and has left.

Although you can discuss this over the phone, we recommend you do so in person at the Football Academy.

Please also note that should you choose to cancel your sessions when there are 14 days or less until the start of term, we will not be able to entertain your request.

What is the strength of your academy?

At present, we have had more than 1000 kids in each of our previous terms. There kids are coached by a group of seven full-time and a host of part-time coaches.

All of our full-time coaches are fully accredited and have previously worked in some of Spain’s top-flight clubs such as Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, or have worked for prestigious overseas youth football organisations such as the American Youth Soccer Organisation.

Do you have any overseas training camps?

We most certainly do! Every year, we organise a Madrid Easter Camp where we take players to train at and play against teams in the Spanish capital.

We also organise a camp in Palencia, Spain, for members of the School. For more information, please contact our Football Academy on +971 4 448 1555.

What facilities do you have at the FA?

The FA boasts of two outdoor artificial and natural pitches, all of which meet international standards.

In addition, we also have a FIFA-approved Indoor Dome which ensures we can continue to train throughout the year, even under adverse weather conditions.

Our Academy also has several changing rooms, complete with locker facilities, toilets and shower cubicles.

We also have water machines installed throughout the premises for you to stay hydrated, a café which offers food and beverages and a restaurant.

What safety protocols are present at the Academy?

Emergency exits have been placed throughout the facility to ensure smooth operations during crisis situations.

We also have a long-standing agreement with a hospital that provides paramedics during our league matches and training sessions.

However, our Registration Form clearly asks parents to fill in any medical condition their children might have. The Football Academy will not be responsible for any unreported medical conditions your child might experience while training.

Do you have a social media presence?

Indeed! We are active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Give us a follow.

What are your working hours?

We always have front desk staff on all days of the week from 9 am to 6 pm.

Our coaches are available from Saturday to Thursday during the same time period.

However, we recommend you plan ahead to speak with them as they might be otherwise occupied during that time.

Do you offer make-up matches?

Should there be a genuine reason for your and/or your team to not attend matches, we shall attempt to accommodate your team.

However, should you fail to turn up due to negligence, we will be unable to do the same.

What do you teach at Spanish Soccer Schools?

Learn to play football the Spanish way under the guidance of Spanish football legend Michel Salgado and his outstanding team of coaches.

The Spanish methodology is one that favours a footballing style characterised by passing and ball possession which doubly ensures that players are calm under pressure and projects an aesthetically pleasing brand of football.

At SSS we will impart values that will benefit your child’s growth and development as an individual along with his football technique and skills.

What age groups do you serve?

At the School, we have training programmes for children ranging from ages four to 15, classified under six age groups: Under-6, Under-10, Under-12, Under-14 and Under-16.

Do you have a programme for girls?

We have recently launched an SSS Girls Programme. Training days aside, we also organise competitive matches for them.

We will be more than happy to accommodate your child in our programme if you wish.

Can I transfer from one class to another?

Yes, but it will be subject to availability. A booking can also be transferred to another person, as long as it is done at least 14 days prior to the start of term

Do you provide training uniforms?

We most certainly do! Every student at the Academy on registering is given an SSS kit containing one top, one pair of shorts and one pair of socks.

How often do you have training for Spanish Soccer Schools?

Our Under-6s, Under-8s and Under-12s train on Sundays and Tuesdays.

Our Under-12s, Under-14s and Under-16s train on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

We have goalkeeper training once a week for every group. Please note that goalkeeper training is different to the regular SSS training that we do offer.



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Spanish Soccer Schools U14 & U16, CHAMPIONS of the UAE Football Association Academy Cup 2019

January 18, 2019

One of the greatest day in Spanish Soccer Academy history. We participated in the biggest Cup Tournament in Dubai hosted by the UAE Football Association along with AFC UAE 2019, that involved the top academy teams from UAE.
Both U16 & U14 teams proved to be the best teams in the tournament by reaching the finals and winning the trophy. This accomplishment makes Spanish Soccer Academy the best Academy in Dubai as well as UAE.

U16’s faced off against La Liga Abu Dhabi beating them 1-0 in the quarter finals. The semi final was a nail biter as the team went to  penalty shootout against Al Wasl, once again victorious with the score 6-5 in a close encounter.
Tournament final was the toughest game of all against the finest team Dubai City FC. The game was won by a narrow margin 1-0, and the rest is history. U14’s on the other hand played their semi final match
against Manchester City Academy from Abu Dhabi, beating them convincingly with a score of 6-1. The final game against Shabab Al Ahli was something extraordinary, SSS went down 3-0 with 15 minutes remaining in the match.
Spanish Soccer Schools not only cut down the deficit but ended up winning the game 4-3. It was most dramatic way to win a final. A great team effort and the players displayed good composure and confidence.


DSC Football Center


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