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“A program for all student-athletes looking to pursue athletic and academic scholarships to some of the top educational institutions in the United States and Canada!” 

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                Spanish Soccer Schools have recently launched the “Study N’ Play” program, which is geared towards helping our players pursue athletic-academic opportunities in the United States and Canada for post-secondary education. Through our partnership with AGM Sports management we intend to help as many athletes as possible obtain a world class university/college degree in one of the many top educational institutions in North America.

AGM, is an educational consulting company specializing in the international mobility of students to the United States, has worked since 2004 with the objective of helping students and student-athletes in getting a college education at American Universities, financing part of their education through academic and athletic scholarships. AGM has worked with more than 1,500 students from 41 different countries, obtaining more than $70 million in scholarships offered by universities in the US.


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AGM Evolution of Success Top 6 Sport Success Cases


This Partnership will allow student-athletes from SSS to benefit from a structured program between both organizations. Students from SSS will be able to create customized Mooxye-SSS profiles, where they will be able to upload personal, academic and athletic information, including pictures, documents and videos. Once in Mooxye, students and their families will receive additional information about the opportunities existing in the US, including many educational webinars about different subjects related to the final objective of studying at American universities. Most of the functionality at Mooxye is free, but there is a Premium service, which costs 9.99 euros a month, that provides videos, tutorials and much more information about each step in the process. AGM´s consulting services will also be available to those families which desire to receive professional consulting for the process.


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Our team from SSS – AGM highly recommend for all players to take the initiative and register for this program by clicking “REGISTER NOW!” to have an online profile created for you to personally manage on your journey through high school.  We recommend all players starting as young as the U12 programs to pursue this step (the basic profile is free of cost), as building an online presence around ones playing career is a lot of work and the younger you start with videos, information and learning the processes, the easier and more effective our efforts will be in helping you pursue athletic and academic scholarships to the United States and Canada in the years to come!


Spanish Soccer School Success Stories…

Seline Haland

Seline is currently studying and playing varsity soccer at the The University Of Tampa Florida for the Tampa Spartans, a Division 2, NCAA team in one of the top conferences in Division 2!  Seline is on both academic and athletic scholarship which is an incredible achievement from a former Spanish Soccer School player!

Ruby Linton

Ruby has trained with Spanish Soccer Schools for the past four years and has had an exceptional career here with us!  Recently Ruby has received and accepted a FULL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP from Bowling Green State Universitya Division 1, NCAA team competing in the Mid America Conference!


Peter Khraish

Peter had an outstanding career at the Spanish Soccer School, especially in his final year with the U18 squad where he played an instrumental roll in the teams achievements.  Peter now plays NCAA varsity soccer at Ferrum College in Virginia!


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Spanish Soccer Schools U14 & U16, CHAMPIONS of the UAE Football Association Academy Cup 2019

January 18, 2019

One of the greatest day in Spanish Soccer Academy history. We participated in the biggest Cup Tournament in Dubai hosted by the UAE Football Association along with AFC UAE 2019, that involved the top academy teams from UAE.
Both U16 & U14 teams proved to be the best teams in the tournament by reaching the finals and winning the trophy. This accomplishment makes Spanish Soccer Academy the best Academy in Dubai as well as UAE.

U16’s faced off against La Liga Abu Dhabi beating them 1-0 in the quarter finals. The semi final was a nail biter as the team went to  penalty shootout against Al Wasl, once again victorious with the score 6-5 in a close encounter.
Tournament final was the toughest game of all against the finest team Dubai City FC. The game was won by a narrow margin 1-0, and the rest is history. U14’s on the other hand played their semi final match
against Manchester City Academy from Abu Dhabi, beating them convincingly with a score of 6-1. The final game against Shabab Al Ahli was something extraordinary, SSS went down 3-0 with 15 minutes remaining in the match.
Spanish Soccer Schools not only cut down the deficit but ended up winning the game 4-3. It was most dramatic way to win a final. A great team effort and the players displayed good composure and confidence.


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